Final confessional

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Final confessional

Post  Burton on Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:10 pm

OMG this is kinda sad that this is my last confessional. Hopefully I was entertaining enough I know tried to keep my identity hidden but it can be rough at points. I was just hoping to make the jury level since I have never actually made the jury in an allstars so I thought I might have a chance. It seems as though I was close but no cigar. Good luck to the three season oners left one of them needs to win because obviously the original needs to come out as the best. I don't really care how the Galera tribe does since they lied and basically backstabbed me. Overall thank you mas for an enjoyable game and for letting me come back, I know you hoped the HII took me out again and a part of me did as well. lol

Obviously I am bria considering I mentioned the HII Smile

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