Answers for 2nd immunity challenge

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Answers for 2nd immunity challenge

Post  Big Tom on Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:46 am

1.) Who is the most pleasant around camp? Candice

2.) Who is the biggest pain in the butt? Lisi

3.) Who is the meanest? Lisi

4.) Who is the nicest? Candice

5.) Who is the smartest player? Deena

6.) Who is under the false assumption that they are in control of this game? Deena

7.) Who is the biggest follower in this game? Matt

8.) If you had your way, who would be voted off next out of the tribe? Lisi

9.) Who does not deserve to be an All-Star? Matt

10.) Who do you trust the most? Candice

11.) Who is about to have the wool pulled over their eyes? Deena

12.) Who will win Mzstery Survivor: Re-Match? Candice

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