Lil on f2 (final episode)

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Lil on f2 (final episode)

Post  Lillian on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:13 am

Ugh, what a piece of boring shit this season was. I am not happy with this final 2, neither of them played very good social/strategical games but I am 100% voting for Sean to win. I would rather reward a follower who was dedicated to this game and won immunities, over a follower who wasn’t, it’s plain and simple. I am just glad Deena’s fatass arrived at the jury house, cause her winning would have giving me a seizure to end all seizures. AYE VAY!

I had fun in this game, but with the way it turned out and based on how boring it was, I am ashamed my name will be attached to this trash. A season of Deena having organisms over Helen who left like week 4. Please Deena, get over her. America just accepted hot lesbians, they aren’t ready for fat unattractive ones. </3

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