Thoughts on F2

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Thoughts on F2

Post  Big Tom on Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:10 am

Well, about the F2. Sean, he's been my bud since day 1. I am so glad he made it to the finals. And the way he got there, winning all those immunitys. I hope people respect him for that and not rip on him and call him an immunity whore. I always hated that expression. I never got why some people think that that's a bad thing. There's 3 aspects to Survivor, and all 3 are just as important as the next. Both Sean and Lisi outlasted all of us. Sean outplayed everyone, but was nearly invisible when it came to outwitting us. Same with Lisi, but she outwitted us by creating an unbreakable alliance, but she was never even close to being considered an immunity threat. I still haven't decided on who I'm voting for, so these guys are going to have to plead their cases pretty hard.
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