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This is the place where your private thoughts can be aired out. It will be kept confidential until the forum is unlocked at the end of the game. Some confessionals will be used for the episodes that are aired on Survivor IMDb Board. So, if you want to have more face time, have a lot of confessionals. They do not have to be long ones all the time. It can be just a soundbite maybe.

You can also insert a few confessionals about your guesses about who's who in the game if you like.

At certain points, the hosts may be posting certain questions to gain confessionals from you about certain people, events or any stuff related to this game. This is mainly to find out more about you and also to help us have information to be used for the episodes.

It would be helpful to me if you could grouped your confessionals according to episodes. So, start writing the confessionals now.


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